What is it? It is a set of GPL software and hardware that intents to monitors dangerous scans into your network as well as NAT conectivity and Internet access. The better installation target is your Linux firewall/router.

Download: JScanlogAlert-0.0.1.jar (CHANGELOG)
Latest release: 2006-nov-20
This jar file contains the compiled classes,
source-code, parallel port shared library,
GPL license, eletric schema
and flowchart of application.

How to install? (just 8 steps)
1) Copy the jar file to /opt folder
2) Extract from jar file the parallel port shared library libparport.so to /opt folder
3) Extract from jar file the JScanlogAlert.properties file to /etc folder
4) Extract from jar file the solvescanlog file to /var/log folder
5) Edit /etc/JScanlogAlert.properties file (bellow is an example of how to edit this file)

scanlog_address = /var/log/syslog
solvescanlog_address = /var/log/solvescanlog
int_address =
ext_address =
scanlog_pattern = wifinder scanlogd:
debug = no
pport_address = 378
#Address of your syslog
#Address of your solvescanlog
#IP/Host address of a LOCAL and allways turned on device
#IP/Host address of a REMOTE and allways turned on device
#String pattern to be searched by application inside syslog
#Verbose (yes/no)
#Parallel port base address. For LPT1, is normally 0x378, so just put 378

6) Redefine your LD_LIBRARY_PATH as follows: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/
7) Connect the hardware to your parallel port
8) Execute the application java -jar JScanlogAlert-0.0.1.jar

How it works? In order to understand how the code works, click on image bellow and see the complete flowchart:

As was already said, this is a set of software and hardware. The hardware is a simple circuit connected in parallel port. See the bellow image to understand how make your own circuit (The parts used are: 6 resistors of 470ohm, 3 green leds, 3 red leds and 1 female parallel connector):

Once the circuit ready, you can put it inside a enclosure as I've done. See my example on bellow image:


To receive support or to inform bugs send an email to Jose Damico ()

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